PCEX Member

PCEX Member is introduced in the Indian cryptocurrency market with the motive to bring 130 million Indians citizens closer to futuristic financial products and achieve financial independence.

PCEX Member is amongst the trusted crypto trading platforms in India, catering B2C and B2B clients to take advantage of the world’s most revolutionary financial market i.e. cryptocurrency market. Founded by Panaesha Capital Traders Pvt. Ltd in June 2020, PCEX Member is the first crypto broker in India that has introduced the hierarchy based franchise business model in the crypto market to help enterprises exploring new business opportunities in the crypto universe.

Be the first crypto broker of PCEX in India, the coin trading platform invites applications for master franchise, franchise, and freelancers to help enterprises and individuals alike in making a good fortune in the global cryptocurrency market by using their own network of clients.

Being in the business from the last 6 months, PCEX Member has been successful in creating a network of 150+ franchise and freelancers and known all around India for its lucrative investment opportunities and level of services. The platform provides end to end solutions to help their business associates in building wealth in the global crypto market with minimum capex.

Woking as a B2C cryptocurrency exchange, PCEX Member has been successful in creating a network of more than 35,000+ clients in just 6 months. And this all happens because of the level of services and investment opportunities it offers to clients, helping them to achieve financial prosperity by making even

For more information, visit www.pcexmember.in

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